Coding: Why so Important for Marketers?

Is is possible that I learn to code? Even just basic coding elements? Prepared to fail, I opened up Codecademy and begin the course. To my surprise, Codeacademy made learning how to code manageable. The academy broke down coding into sections. Each time you learned a new skill, you would also practice the skill and get feedback from Codeacademny whether your code was right or wrong. If incorrect, instructions where given how to fix the code you had written.

After two hours of working on Codeacademy, I completed 22% of HTML & CC Language Skills course. I like how Codeacademny defines HTML code, “You can think of HTML Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.16.35 PMas the skeleton that gives every webpage structure.” To begin coding, HTML has a basic structure that is always used to set up your code. Examine the picture to the right.The first line is always the same and indicates the to computer what language you are speaking in. The second and fourth line indicate starting and closing your HTML document. Everything you create in your HTML document will go between tags. Tags (<>) come in pairs. If you open one tag < you must make sure to then close > the tag.

Right away I learned there can be NO typos in your code. For example, when I learned how to change the font size, I kept getting the code wrong. I had coded . I could not figure out why this was wrong until I realized I had forgotten the dash between font-size. This simple mistake caused the computer to not understand what I was trying to say.

Codeacademy made me feel like I could learn the fundamentals and basics of coding. Understanding basic HTML helped me understand SEO better. SEO is only useful if your website is designed and coded properly. 6 Practical Reasons A Marketers Need to Learn to Code, explains the link between page optimizing and understanding coding as the following:

“In order to optimize a page, marketers must be able to read the page’s skeleton — which means reading HTML.  In order to find, change, and edit meta descriptions, title tags, keywords, or headers, you need to be able to find them by looking at the “bones” of the website.

Good news is you do not need to learn how to fully code a website. There are excellent web builders out there that do not cost too much money. I personally have used Wix web builder  to create a website for a business and an personal website. Also check out the website builders, Squarespace and Weebly.

So do markers really need to add coding to there tool set? The answer is yes and no. Yes, a marketer could get by without knowing how to code but will be more relent on others. However, knowing how to code will make a marketer more independent and better informed. Since marketing is moving further into the digital platforms, understanding the fundamentals behind the software us marketers are using is highly beneficial.

Hubspot states,  “Code is what lies behind so many of our great marketing campaigns. Our websites, our emails, our apps and tools that are made to give your customers a better experience — these all run because there are smart coders making them work”.

Understanding coding allows you to understand what is even possible. The root of innovation comes from understanding the full potential of the tools you have access to. A marketers does not necessarily have to code to app or website but needs to be able to communicate with the web designer. Knowing how to speak the coding language, HTML, is a great communication tool for marketers to have.

Coding: Why so Important for Marketers?

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