Paid Search

With advertising shifting to using online channels, ranking well in search engines is a must. In my last blog post I discussed SEO. Since SEO is a natural ranking system determine by a search engine algorithms, ranking well takes time. Sometimes-even years. The good news is, paid search can be used to get your businesses website to the top of the search page. Like in SEO, a paid search advertisement is triggered by keywords or phrases in a search engine. A business is charged for an advertisement each time a user clicks on their ad.

Please note, according to Hubspot’s Beginners Guide to Paid Search, paid search should be used as a compliment to other inbound marketing strategies and not a replacement. Having a combination of paid an unpaid search is a great way to maximize your dominance on a search engine. Having widespread coverage on the search engine page shows the authority of your brands and thus drives more traffic to your landing pages.

Examine the image to the right. Organic searches are in shown in tScreen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.23.22 PMhe blue whereas paid advertisements are displayed in the green. To rank well in SEO can take years to accomplish. However paid search is more automatic and will always display your ad that the top of the search page. This is key because most people do not take the time to scroll through all the search engine results. Being on top is key.

The main uses of a landing page are the following:

  1. Testing a landing
  2. Finding new keywords
  3. Getting in the game aka ranking higher then competitor

The quality of your advertisement and landing pages matters! Having well written ad copy that is relevant to the user keywords increases the users experience. High quality advertisements will decrease your overall ad spending and better position your advertisements. Immediately after your user clicks on your advertisement your user will be directed to your landing page. The goal of a landing page according to Hubspot, “is to get the visitor to convert in some way – by buying your product, downloading an offer, etc.” Paid search is useful in that you can use in testing and optimizing your landing page. By taking one ad and setting it to have two different URL destinations, will allow you to test your landing page. A/B testing your landing page will allow you to determine which page converts the most uses. Having a easy to navigate and use landing page does affect your Google ad rank and quality score.

Since keywords are the trigger to where your advertisements will appear, its important you take the time to understand your users. Google recommends creating a list of keywords that are relevant and specific. This will ensure the most interested people view your ads. Google AdWords generates a search term report. The search term report allows you to see the effectiveness of each keyword. The report also shows you which keywords users are actually typing into to Google to find your website. This is highly valuable information and will allow you to add effective keyword to your lists.

To further target your audience, Google has a location and language feature.  Narrowing down your audience will increase your ad performance and help your advertising dollars go further. Don’t waste time trying to be too general, not everyone is interested in your product. Also, keywords determine how much you pay. A maximum cost-per-click is defined as, “A bid that you set to determine the highest amount that you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad”.

Your ad rank is how Google determines where your ad is positioned. Say two businesses are advertising similar products and using similar keywords. Its up to Google to determine where the two companies ads are positioned and what order they will appear in by using ad rank. Ad rank is based on your bid (how much you spending) and your quality score. Google Partners defines a quality score as, “An estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page.” So everyone time ad’s compete against another companies ads, Google determines which ad wins by calculating each advertisements ad rank. Keep in mind, having a higher bid (paying more) does not mean you will automatically have a higher ad position. Ad rank takes into consideration the quality of your advertisement and relevance of your keywords.

Remember Google is the law. Make sure to follow Google’s instructions and tips for creating a high quality paid advertisements and you will be successful.

Paid Search

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