The Art of a Landing Page

Using your homepage to promote a new product release will overwhelm your customer. A homepage complexity will distract your customers away from why the come to your page in the first page. In order to efficiently promote a new product, a landing page is a great idea.

Landing pages need to be SIMPLE and highly focused on one idea. According to the Ebook, “A landing page is a place you send traffic when you really want some action”.           A landing page can be:

  • A sales page
  • An email opt-in page
  • Video landing page
  • Content landing page

A landing page is found through information linking to your page, such as clicking Goggle Adwords PPC or having a banner ad on major sites. Each ad should be linked to a different landing page depending on the desired outcome of the ad. Hubspot academy recommends to use at least 15 different landing pages in order to successfully segment your audience.

The point of a landing page is to simplify the users experience by providing an answer to their direct need. When a user clicks on a link that directs them to your landing page, the user is initialing a relationship with you. Your landing page role is to acknowledge the interaction and assist the user in the process of completing their final goal.

Creating a landing page that is direct and easy to read if highly important. Consider how many times you personally have left a page because the heading did not match your desired need. To have an effective landing page, your headlines language needs to be the same as the language from which your visitor came from.

Mashable article on successful customer acquisition, states three important tips for creating an excellent landing page.

  • Make it clean and simple-to-use
  • Offer a clear call to action and robust incentives
  • Design attractive, click-ready creative

For example, one of a favorite rental services I have used is Airbnb. I think Airbnb has masters the art of the landing page.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 9.47.03 AM

  • Immediate call to action: Simple search bar asking, “Where do you want to go”
  • Intriguing background photo slideshow, which triggers a relaxing mood
  • Strong title: Welcome Home
  • Very strong use of visuals meant to trigger a desire to adventure
  • Simple and clear layout of the page
  • Social proof:Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries”

“A given design problem has no single right answer”. A landing page could be designed in a million different ways depending on the designer. The increase of tech companies has created a new industry for designers. UX, user experience designers and UI, User Interface Designers work together to design websites and mobile apps.

UX designers are concerned with how the product feels. The designer ensures the product logically flows from one step to another to ensure the best users experiences. The UI is concerted with how a product is laid out. UI visually communicates the path the UX designer laid out. The UI uses a comprehensive elements (style guide, language and visuals) to create a meaningful page.

The Art of a Landing Page

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