Social Media: Because your Customers are Online

Social media is about responsive communication. No matter where your customers or potential customers are in the world, you are able to answer them in real time. Social media offers a platform for business and brands to build relationships with customers. Creating relationships is a great way to ensure customer loyalty and retention.

Twitter and Facebook is the new resource for customer service. Instead of customer complaining to their friends of family members about product or service, people are using social media. So what does this mean for businesses? First, it holds a business responsible because of social media is a public platform. Anyone in the world can see the negative post. This sounds scary for businesses but it is actually a great way to solve a customers problem quickly (in real time) and show a customer you care about their issues (relationship building). Solving a customers issue will help your retention rate.

A common mistake stated by MOZ, is content creation is solely promotional in nature. Instead business should also publish content relative to their business and followers. Such as Rachael Zoe, a stylist and designer, Tweeted a picture of the  perfect low cost dress for a spring wedding. Zoe is adding value to her brand by solving the common problem of trying to find a beautiful dress without spending too much money.

MOZ makes a great point why businesses need social media….”Your customers are online”.  Facebook has over 1.9 billion users monthly and Twitter has an average of 400 million tweets sent per day.

Facebook is a free communication channel. I personally use Facebook in two ways:

  1. To run my Her Campus team communication through a private group.
  2. To market the WWU Her Campus content and brand.

A Facebook private group allows only group members to have access to the group. Brainstorming weekly content ideas over Facebook is quick and efficient. The discussion board allows everyone to view responses to posts in one place. Instead of using email, our team uses the Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger is simpler then email because all message are viewed in a conversational manner.

Since Her Campus is not an official club on campus, we have no money to work with. With no money to spend on adverting, Facebook is an important adverting tool for us. I use the timed post feature to have the Facebook page post articles at certain times. Through watching my page, I realized students are checking their Facebook right when they wake up and then between classes.  Posting articles at the right time has greatly increased the number of students the Her Campus pages reaches.

With only 140 characters to communicate your thought, you better make every word count. Every tweet your brand makes is a representation of how your brand speaks. Your tweets need to be consistent! Another important aspect is to mange your following to followers ratio. Doing this will establish your businesses creditability and shows the community you care enough to follow them back.

Uber of Seattle does a great job at this. Uber uses its twitter account to engage, inform and entertain their followers. Uber launched a 2 week campaign called Ditch Your Keys in honor of earth day. Uber used twitter to announce the campaign and then further utilized twitter to Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.31.36 AMgive constant updates about the campaigns progress. Customer could easily get involved by tweeting pictures of their alternative transportation (Uber ride share, taking the metro or riding their bike) and hash tagging the photo #DitchYourKeys. The campaigns prizes where tweeted daily as an incentive for campaign participants. Uber also tweeted links to the Ditch You Keys blog post further campaign details.

According to MOZ, “Due to its mostly public nature, Twitter’s most powerful use is connecting people. The platform allows complete strangers to come together over common interests and ideas and to participate in conversations that range from the relatively mundane to the incredibly important”. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has helped Her Campus reach students that we are not already friends. This fall when my partner and I launched the Her Campus magazine at WWU, our first member recruiting meeting was filled with students who heard about us through twitter.

The share ability of Facebook and Twitter posts is a great marketing tactic. When a post is shared or retweeted, a larger audience will view your content. Instead of customer just talking about a business or brand they like (word of mouth marketing) customers are  sharing a brands post they find interesting. Social media allows business to humanize themselves. Facebook is excellent for building a brand community and Twitter is an excellent lead generator.

Social Media: Because your Customers are Online

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