From Mad Men to Content Marketing

How would my favorite ad man, Don Draper function in our  marketing world today? Don Draper’s role in a ad agency today would be must more minimal due to the shift away from traditional marketing and HiPPO leadership (mentioned in my previous blog post). A large part of marketing is about evolving with the new technology available. It took Sterling Cooper of Madison Avenue 20 years after television was created to create their first  TV department. The parallel today would be for a business not to use content marketing as part of their adverting campaigns.

The traditional marketing tactics of interruption is no longer an effective way to reach ones audience. With so much noise and clutter in the media, people are tuning out interrupting messages. Content marketing is about building relationships with your audience through education.  Content marketing is communication with customers without selling them a physical product. Creating content is an ongoing processing that continuously needs to be updated. The more content created, the more views your page will receive, according to The Content Marketing Institute.

In Mad Men, the new IBM computer replaced the creative lounge. The copy writers worried not only is the creative lounge being replaced but also their  jobs. The fear evolution to new technically is greatly seen in this episode.


The fear of evolution arises because people do not have a full understanding of what the the new machine is capable of. This is the same parallel to content marketing. Although shifting to creating meaningful content and not interrupting peoples lives can be difficult to create, the new approach yields amazing results.

One can not just create content and push publish and expect amazing results. In order to capitalize on content marketing to the fullest, you must first understand your audience. The best way to do this is going straight to the source, your customers. It is importance to balance both qualitative data (interviewing customers) and quantitative data (evaluation web analytics) to establish your buyers persona. Check out MarketingSperpa for more insight into establishing a buyers persona.

Once you have established your buyers persona you are ready to begin creating content. Remember, the key to content marketing is understanding your audience. Contenting marketing is about solving peoples problems. The fundamental quality of content marketing is the belief that by a business creating and delivering ongoing valuable information to buyers, the buyers will reward a business with their loyalty and business.

Content Marketing Trends for 2015, discusses trends for this year. A new emphasis of being placed on controlling and communicating one coherent brand message. An example of this is REI blog posts. REI does a fantastic job at highlight what their gears does through “how to articles” and videos. Th REI Bicycle Commuting Checklist, highlights the brand image of being sustainable (ride your bike instead of driving) and offers valuable information to customers. Such as, what do you do if your bike needs repair and what clothes are best to wear commuting to work. The checklist provided hyperlinks to all necessary items that can be found at REI. The key here is that REI is solving customer problems through offering their products as the solution. Their is a link to a bike lock, under the tab how to store your bike safely.

Another trend of content marketing is creating content for viewers with a low at attention span. Content marketing get mores views and shares with longer social-shares-by-content-length image 9posts. In order to keep people with low attention spans reading  your long content, you must provide interesting, easy to read and entertaining content. Review the chart to the right. The longer the content the more shares on social media.

The Mad Men days were dominated by print ads and then later in the seasons TV ads. Today with people watching less live TV and switching to streaming, the traditional methods are simply ineffective. A recent trend for 2015 however indicates how to mix traditional print ads with digital content. Content Marketing Trends for 2015, states, “Distribute your content at tradeshows and events, consider elaborate options like branded magazines, and use your existing print publications like catalogs to push your online content – not simply coupons and product photos”.

Even with the shift in marketing strategies, the idea of marketing has stayed the same. Marketing is about relationship building. What has changed is how a brand can reach people. Content marketing is the new strategy in the game.

From Mad Men to Content Marketing

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