Google Analytics Platform Principals

As I further my research into the world of analytic, I have found understanding the platform to be particularly helpful. Platforms are the underlining tool that makes all your analysis possible. Platforms are important for two reasons.

  1. Reports can be interpreted differently. A report is more meaningful when you understanFeatured imaged how the report was created. For example, the bounce rate of a blog. The bounce rate will appear high because people go to your page just to read that blog. Without a full understanding of what bounce rate, is you could not determine weather it is good or bad.
  2. Understanding the platform makes you realize the full potential of the system. Such as, you can filter your data and use customized features. A smartphone at the basic level makes phone calls. With a higher understanding of the smartphones use, one understands the phone is more like a small computer in function.

The four components of the platform are; data collections, processing, configuration, and reporting. Data collection for a website starts with inserting JaveScript tracking code into your website. The tracking code is triggered by users behavior and is recorded by Google Analytics. Data processing transforms the raw data from collection into your Google Analytics according to your account settings.The processing stage synthesis all your data together from various platforms, such as your website and mobile device. Once your data is processed, it CANNOT be changed.  Configuration align your data into a meaningful way according to your businesses measurement plan and objectives. Once the data is processed you can accesses your data in a report interface. The report interface allows you to view your data in various ways with different visualization tools

Platforms synthesize  data from various devices into a reports. What is the Point of Google Analytics, proposes the questions, “You have more data than you ever imagined you needed and now?”.  After collecting data, the most important step is to understand what this information means. Google Analytics assists you in your understanding by providing tools such as charts and graphs. Using filters allows you to organize and view your data in a more meaningful way. The goals measure how well your site meets your objectives of completing an activity, which is called conversion. Conversion occurs when a customer makes a purchase or downloads a PDF.

Understanding how a platform operates will allow you to use Google Analtyics to its full potential. Once data is in a report interface, one must be able to use the data to enhance your businesses goals and objectives. Google Analtyics is a comprehensive tool to better understanding your digital business.

Google Analytics Platform Principals

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