Why Google Analytics

Each week I use a Google Analytic traffic report to better understand the Her Campus readership. This fall when I received my first analytics report, I had no idea what I was looking at. What was the difference between a “Pageview and a”Unique  Pageview’? Why did I care about how long a individual viewed a partial article?

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I began my research into the world of analytic in order to gain insight into the Her Campus WWU page. I began with researching basic information. What I found was a surprising large amount of easy to use resources all dedicated to the world analytics. I decided to take Digital Marketing because I found I was missing a set of skills that I was using on a weekly basis.

I found the blog, 9 Awesome Things you Can do with Google Analytic, particularly helpful resource to understanding the big picture of what analytics can do. Google Analytics is customizable. You can set your dashboard to display your most important information. Analytic is an information organizers. Instead of sorting through mass amount of data, Google Analytic does it for you.

What I found amazing about Google Analytics is their use of visualization. The use of graphs, images and maps enhances the users experience and understanding of the analytics report.

Google Analytics allows you to build your audience by decreasing your overall customer acquisition cost.  Google Analytics takes into consideration that all customer are unique. Analytics shows you your customers needs and where they are in their purchasing process. Where a customers is located is critical to who they are. Some customers rely on their mobile device others are on their desktop computers. Analytics allows you to improve each device  visual and user experience.

Analytics allows you to reach your performance goals. For example, your adverting report informs you how well your utilizing your adverting dollars. The report shows you how many sales you made or how many people downloaded your information.

Analytics takes data and puts it into meaningful information. The world of analytics is fast pace and growing. Web analytics (Adobe, IBM, Google and Webtrends) all specialize in different areas. Weather you own a business, manage a webpage or are a marketer, you must figure out which analytic software is best for you. Check out Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q2 2014  for more information.

Why Google Analytics

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