As I begin my final quarter at Western, I am taking on the new task of writing a digital marketing blog. A little about myself, my name is Laura and I am 23 years old and super senior. I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. I decided to take digital marketing because I feel the course  directly relates to the next step in my life, entering the real world job market. Although I am not hundred percent sure what I want to do out of college, I have always loved real estate.

I am currently the Her Campus Correspondent of the Western Washington University Chapter. Her Campus is an online woman’s magazine aimed at empowering women and acting a a student guide to college. As the Her Campus CC I use digital marketing tools on a daily basis. I  would like to improve my tool set in order to benefit myself and my team. My partner and I launched the Her Campus Chapter this fall at Western and will be handing down our positions as we graduate.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century 

Technical skills, such as writing emails, using DBM and Internet analytic are rapidly changing. The study examined which skills, technical skills or conceptual knowledge is more important depending on ones career level.The survey results showed that each is important in the marketing world. However, technical skills is the basic of all entry of level positions.

This is apparent in my current role as Her Campus CC. I spend most of my time helping the team with IT questions, writing emails and reviewing our social media and Her Campus analytics. As my time as CC as progressed I have began to gain more conceptual knowledge through experience. I have found I have learned most from just being on the job and reaching out to other organizations on campus for advise. I have learned through experience not from reading a book. However I often spend time researching basic technical skills I need, such as reading our analytic report.

Fostering Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2o16

The role of electronic devises has fosters the switch from TV advertising to interactive marketing. Interactive market will allow firms to see measurable returns on their campaigns. The use of search will continue to be a large spend but firms will also focus on being found on any medium not just on a search engine. The various devise consumers now posses allows constant use of social media, music and video streaming and more. Markets now are able to influence consumers every time an individuals checks their Facebook page or streams a new song.

State of Digital Marketing Talent

As the marketing world evolves so does the marketing hiring processes. Currently, finding talented individuals is not as easy as reading over a resume. In the new age of marketing, find employees who have the know how is harder then it looks. The questions then arieses, ‘how do individuals position themselves to show their talent?’. I think one way to gain this type of technical knowledge is through taking courses like digital marketing. By practicing how to blog and use social media correctly, students will enter the work force being more credible. The shift in the hiring processes will be not be explaining what you have done but showing a firm what you have done.


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